Log on to your facebook account if you have one (its ok no need to feel guilty about it) If you don’t have one pull out your cell phone and look at your contacts. If you are feeling in any way depressed or burdened by life, try the following: Once you have logged on to your account meditate on the first “friend” that is in your news post. How did you meet them? What have they done for you? What have you talked about?  Are they struggling with anything in their lives at the moment? What is this person like? When you are done with the first person who came up consider the second person on there. It dosen’t matter whether you are really close or not just do this for the first five to ten people, I think it is likely if you do this you will realize that a lot of other people have struggles and problems and also that as random as that person may be you have probably made or had made on you a small impact due to this person’s life. Hopefully you will realize that things may be tough now but you’ve had fun times in the past and you will in the future, also youare valuable and you are cerainly not the only person going through problems, by considering others you may actually help yourself feel better.