Popular culture and society (particularly involving “young people”) tends to put forward certain images of individual “types” that are said to be present everywhere some of which are turned into a kind of “virtuous person” i.e. somebody that ought to be looked up to or emulated. The teen rebel is of course an ever popular version of this an is found throughout popular culture, tv, movies, music etc. largely of course because such people do exist. However one cannot help but notice that certain aspects of their behavior is highlight and (as it has been since roughly the 60s) turned into some sort of counter-culture virtue.

There were of course good reasons and results that stemmed from the social movements of the sixties, the blatant hypocrisy with the veneer of propriety being top among them. However there ha stemmed a sort of “rebel streak” as an outgrowth of these trends that is not only counterproductive, it is just plain dumb a lot of the time. Here are a few of the more blatant examples.

The “truth teller”. Ok, who hasn’t at the very least seen this one on television if not in real life. This is often and aspect of the “rebel personality”. Have you ever heard someone say “People don’t like me because I’m too honest.”? 9 times out of ten honesty has nothing to do with this. You aren’t being honest you’re being a terrible person. The things that are offending people are far more revealing of you than the people you are inflicting the “truth on” there is a skill called tact, it’s not sugar-coating its a sign of respect. Unless someone is completely unaware of social customs this kind reveling in the truth is, first not the truth, and second completely inexcusable. There are harsh truths in the world, but most of the time there is a respectful way to say them. This person might delight in being a rebel, in a sense they are, but by that sense so are rapists and pedophiles. What we have isn’t a truth teller, its somebody that takes delight in insulting people. Think Dr. House a warped personality that takes delight in others flaws and misery, there’s nothing meritorious about this trait. It reminds one of the expression that a partial truth is sometimes more deceitful than a complete lie.

More of this when my thoughts are clearer…….