The Stuff I’ve Leared So Far

I’ve learned the world’s a painful place
A prison for the human race
we’re wracked with guilt and often fail
we work so hard to no avail
what we want we rarely get
but we still hope the stronger yet
we carry the weight of our unfulfilled dreams
as we go through life on balance beams
the constant thought that drives us mad
that there s good and not just bad
the love, the the truth, the beauty, the right
the candle shining in the night
we are not condened to death
but neither are we promised breath
plagued with constant unseen doubt
while we have hope still holding out
some we trust and some we can’t
no matter how much love we chant
we go on in contant strife
struggle that gives meaning life
how awesome is a good deed done
or when victory for truth is won
how awful when the bad destroy
and evil triumphs over joy
we continue on and work so hard
it’s long and tough and rough and charred
but life is worth the journey
though often stretched and turvy


They called her
“I am proud of my
for the first time”
why not forever”
they asked
why just now?
Not proud enough
no flag
on his chest
unswerving loyalty
love it or leave
I don’t care about inequality
with us or against us
no ambiguity
no hand above heart
The news man a fox
says angrily
we love us most
shouldn’t you
no need for change
ain’t broke, don’t fix
weird name
fix america?
quesioning us
VERY unpatriotic


He hit the table and it fell
breaking into a million pizzas
surounded by pearls and rasberry scones
waiting for the slightly tipsy boyfriend
of v-man, she is slightly worried
she rocks her face off happily
she is telling stories cause
she was there while others dance
some do the awkward turtle
we are leaving sated with coffee
and heavy breads, taking pictures
laughing and swing dancing
listening to the kinks Juno song
and building shot fortresses

Song of the savage

What sanity there is in love
can not be felt in brave new worlds
where the sensuous triumphs over honor
and virtue is pale and limp-lifeless
holding out no social strength ‘gainst others
moderation stays no value’d thing and then
the man only of pure passion doth suceed
tis temper’d quiet hearts that vice becomes
the faithful Noble is a pitied wretch
for whom control is seen as chains
what comfort does he have when only stangers surround?
when sting of conscience be his only guide

Not an Idea
Not a grand plan
Not a way of life
Not something Special
or Noble
Just a T-shirt company


I don’t like numbers
too abstract
prefer people more
they act

A Bad night

Sick jittery jumpy
quesiness from stomach
mind jumping
stayin up much too late
quieting the dog
trying to calm down
nervous body itch
tired deep breathing
wanting to sleep
wanting health
wanting relief
shushing the dog
staying up much too late
worn and ill
kinda scared
want to sleep
can’t sleep in light
can’t be calm in dark

don’t make me one of them
walkin around without a soul
blank stares

Ode to boredom

Boredom will inspire
other slept desires
an impetus to action
though without satisfaction
not interesting to write
more of a parasite
latched onto grander things
it gives that bird it’s wings
lazy and dull it lies still
but it animates the will
though its needed necessarily
man treats it poorly, verily
so here I give an ode
a deserved noble abode
here I say may it be said
and truth be found when it is read
To Boredom; though you are hated
and among poets quite unstated
you are the spawn of writer’s dreams
you hold together drama’s seams
and stuff the slothish parts of life
The great counterweight to passion’s knife

Silly Desperation

If I like her
She doesn’t
If She’s smart
She’s taken
If She’s sweet
If She’s intersting
She’s a lesbian
If She’s single
She’s happy
If single
and smart
and looking
and pretty
and interesting
My Status

Concerning Certain Social Terms

Men and Women are likely to interact
in the home
They often do
This is called a family
especially if
the woman has children

If two men interact
in the home
this is not a family
to some
even if they have children

If two women interact
in the home
it is the same as two men
so society says

If a woman does not interact
in the home
but does have children
this is called a family

The same with one man
though rare

what strange arithmetic?

Several Haikus

Green and old, tattered
bunny eared and torn from age
the ancient book lies

I abhor the thing
lust and manipulation
devil’s crude machine

what an awful ill
to live without any heart
to take advantage

cruel at heart and bad
or with noble in his soul
what is in a man?

The Ex Festival

Purple Black Couples
wrapped around each other
piercings and tatoos
with rock t-shirts and cigarettes
long lines in sunstroke heat
into the cool stadium stands
the lawn of chipped wood and grass
head bangers, hard rockers
out to shake the place to the ground
fights breaking out randomly
overpriced products and underdressed fans
merchandisers making their bucks
scream singers shaking fists
tilting people taking joints
Playing hard, old new rockers
it went on late into the night