How can you not love life?

Don’t you know that life is beautiful?

A cynical sneer

See it cross ear to ear

And I’ve heard the comedians rage

’bout the shortness of life

and the pain and the strife

but their closed off and oh so severe

give this anger a rest

I feel hope explode in my chest

have the white fire of joy in your life

as with fire in the coal

so with hope in the soul

if you want to have power

you need both

with the boat you need steam

with your soul use the dream

You want life but you won’t use the fuel?

Pour the gas and set your chest afire

Powered forward by hope

Inspired glory and the beauty are grand

Life’s too short to live in abandon

The grand vision can’t you see?

Is there for love and power to turn

and guide us, you and me

What are you without hope?

You go on living, but by what?




Driven by soul-force

This maniacal world so elaborat’ly curled

Will not be

This way forever

Try and stop me

From making the just rise again

I know there are cynics

Made from the scorned and downtrodden

Living in a generation

Of a dark culmination

Across the whole nation

That speaks only in sarcasm

In a pessimistic miasm

A great despairing chasm

How did we let this happen?

But no matter

You’ve got to press on

The light in your eyes

Can pierce through the blackest darkness there is

If only your hope is strong

And we work hard together

We can end the night of wrong