Now that I have written a few entries I wanted to explain briefly why I chose this name for blog site. Iwasn’t initially planning on doing a blog, but now that I have started I have found that I enjoy it.

I chose “Dissecting the Mystery” because I felt it was a fair metaphysical description of what I am doing with this blog. Obviously a mystery can mean many things. It can mean a crime drama, or a personal secret, a deep scientific problem, or a religious belief that defies rationality and complete understanding. But in the most simple and basic context it means simply the unknown. That which we cannot wrap ours heads around.

This to me is life. Living in the world being in the world really is a great mystery. Life is the great unknown. This doesn’t mean we can’t know absolutely anything but so much of life evades our grasp. We can maybe get a little of the parts of life but the whole evades us and even the partial is so incredibly partial its like studying one thread to try to know an entire piece of clothing. Every thinking person has to deal with the fact that so much of life is unknowable.

And what does it mean to dissect something? It means to cut and examine in order to find structure and relationships between parts. To examine minutely, part by part. This is sort of the purpose of my blog. To look at the little parts of life, to try to find structure, to reflect on what I’m examining in the mystery that is life.

 But it is also important to realize that this is a contradiction. After all, how can I dissect a mystery? This is the paradox of the human condition. We all do this. I’m being more up front about it but its still true. How can I examine what is by definition unknown. This is what so much of analysis is. I don’t think this is meaningless, we all do it. But it a kind of paradox an action that is important that we need to do, that helps give meaning to our lives, but that might from the outside seem fruitless. But it is not. We all long for understanding in whatever small part we can find it. We cannot just turn our brains off and act without thinking. So I am being upfront. I am trying to examine the unexaminable. To cut into something that has no form. Look at what has no color. This is what I’m doing in my analysis. I do it humbly, but I do not think it is futile. It is a paradox but there is meaning in it, because it means there is still something to be know. A mystery is not the lack of truth it is only its being non-revealed. I can’t know everything, but in searching I at least appreciate that there is something to be known.

So with this in mind, take my humble efforts of analysis seriously. But know that I understand I don’t have the final word on anything. I picked the title because I liked the image. I am searching and trying at a goal that is unreachable. Such is life.