The strings of my heart play without a muse and before no audience.


Oh my dear little one

How I long to run my hands through your hair

To gently caress your smooth skin

Soft lips that make me want to be with no other

Why can’t I hold you close through the black night?

Why can’t I see your deep kind eyes look into mine?

Why are you so far away without a compass guiding you?

I wish that I could comfort you

I want our abiding trust to last the ages

My tender beloved, I miss your joy

I ache in my depths

I miss the sweetness of your voice

How can I get it back?

Will I ever get it back?



I know we aren’t the same

There are so many differences between us

But when we are together

What my mind knows is nothing

Our differences are as Yin and Yang

Seperate, but as a onenes

My mountains are your valleys

Where I am empty, you are full

Working only to keep us closer

In talking we say different words

But our souls say the same thing

If I am a melody, you harmonize to make me better

If you are a foundation, I am an arch to hold things up

Never more fulfilled than when together

And feeling so broken when we are apart



I speak

and it is as my words have never been so clear

they pass your ears unaltered

Even though I am in awe of you

I am not dumbstruck, but inspired

You understand and see what I am saying

And when you speak about your own heart

You say what I know but did not think

I talk without secrets

Because I do not need them

You speak without shame

Because you know there is none

I don’t fear judgement

I hope neither do you

Talking is easy

Listening the same

Two souls sound the sole-same



I am on fire for you

You voice is kind and soothing

Your face is more beautiful than a sunrise

Though a sunrise and its fire

brings hope of a new day

you bring me hope for a whole lifetime

I could never kiss you enough

for you to know my passion

I could not say the words

to let you know my love

I was afraid of my feelings before

With you my feelings are a paint brush

And I will use all the colors

You are the most beautiful canvas

Though I have enough to paint the cosmos

I feared to touch others

But I could kiss you a thousand times

Your happiness is motivation

To hold the world like Atlas without a sweat

To hold you in my arms

I could not ask for more

To kiss your soft lips

I have no greater joy

To be thought of as yours

Could there be a better gift?

An unextinguishable flame

that is my love for you

Just ask me so I know

How I can burn for you.