Hi, I’m Ian Laue. I’m a political science and philosophy major here at the university of Indianapolis. I just finished up my third year at uindy which mean I’m going into my senior year come fall. I still like to consider myself a junior until then though (mostly because college is going WAAAAY too fast for my liking. Right now my plan is to go to law school after I graduate, though I’m still trying to figure out which area of law to go into. I have always loved philosophy and have been reading philosophical things since high school, but I decided to become a major when I realized it could actually help me with my career goals too (I know, weird right?). On a personal level I love reading and pretty much anything that helps expand my mind. Also I’m juggling this class with a spring term on utopias which is also interesting and I’m getting gym out the way too (yes, its lame).  I recdently finished up an internship at the Indiana Statehouse and I’m looking for job opportunities in Indy at the moment. I love making new friends and I’m looking forward to taking this class. I’ve always like science fiction and I’m trying to expand some of my reading to include some “classic” literature. Also, trying to fully appreciate indy and go around downtown as much as possible to explore the city and its art scene, this has been made difficult due to my lack of a car and the city’s…. ehem…. poor public transportation system, I’m working on it though. I look forward to getting to know all of you better. Yay, Philosophy!